Hello Adept!


Hello Adept!

Postby Honeybadgerr » 03 Aug 2014, 22:50

Hey there Adept, I've recently seen that you guys are looking for raiders! So I would like to take this time to introduce myself and see if you guys think I'm worthy!

So, I'm Martin, I'm 22 years old! I live with my girlfriend and am very comfortable in life!
I'm a relatively new player to WoW (My first 90 dinged as SoO came out!) I'm a very fast learner and have spend alot of time looking at my class and reading up on my rotation and abilities! (ugh what a ball ache)
When I joined WoW I joined a family team "Myst" who was good to me and got me raiding normal! From there I fancied a little bit more than the team could give me, so I started raiding with some friends I had made whilst playing WoW and shortly after had 14/14 normal progression! (Woo) After that the teams I would raid with would be pretty much just farm for me and upgrading some of my bad bits of gear for better slot items and BiS's! (I like to think I've done okay)

So, My character! I am a Human Fury Warrior! (My os changes depending on the team!) My current os is Protection which I found I can comfortably be the 3rd tank on SoO HC Shamans the otherday! (I was terrified but kept my cool) But if Adept has a stable 3rd tank then my OS will become Arms (For the sweeping strikes on AOE fights such as Galakras and Spoils!) Why a Human Warrior? Honestly I have no idea... When I started WoW all I saw was a Human with a sword/axe - It was the simplest choice to me! (it doesn't get much more generic than that!) I feel the class and race are both very good for raiding though as I can remove stuns very easily with "Every man For Himself" and being a warrior I can dish out some pretty hard crits on a boss! Here is the armory link to it! http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/F ... r/advanced (extra points for the name? And that bad ass looking character?!"

My raiding life! After starting HC it has been my "want" to find a stable guild that can handle me! (not that I'm bad I just don't put up with BS!) I joined a guild called AnV and they was a fantastic team for hc raiding for 6/7 bosses! Had a great time with them, took a break and BAM was out... Recently joined Merciless and had a slight falling out with their GM DreamQt, story goes apparently I was late for a rate that I had signed for when in actual fact i was 15min early and asked for an invite at the right time to be told I had been benched for the night! So the GM tried to tell me I wasn't online when I clearly know I was! So I left.

Currently I have 11/14HC, I had 3 bosses done once. I know tactics for all bosses to Klaxxi. I perfectly know tacs for first 8 and have perfected how to play and react to things during these fights. I'm not looking for a boost I'm looking to be a valued member of the team so I will quite happily attend the first 8 bosses but if it is seen fit that I be replaced then please do! Again... Not looking for a boost!

IF you would like to know more about my play style, macros, general thoughts on raiding and certain bosses please feel free to ask! I have nothing to hide!

I look forward to your response!

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Re: Hello Adept!

Postby roonie » 03 Aug 2014, 22:53

Hi Martin!

Thanks for your introduction :) - Please fill out our application form here mate - http://adept-draenor.org/apply/


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