Our Heritage


Our Heritage

Postby Shizuka » 16 Jun 2011, 19:58

Adept since Vanilla WoW: A Long Tradition of High-end Raiding

Adept was founded 2005 in the old Vanilla days on Draenor, one of the first European servers Blizzard set up for the release of World of Warcraft.

The guild grew fast and managed to best the 40 player raid instances during Vanilla WoW, continued raiding through TBC and WotLK in the new 25 player raids and competed at the top ranks of Draenor’s raiding guilds.

Moreover, the majority of Adept players built up a remarkable guild reputation based on good playing skills and through friendly and mature behaviour.

Green Team: Social or Raider?

Green Team was founded by a couple of ex-raiders from Adept’s 25 player raid team back in 2008, when Blizzard introduced the rebuilt Naxxramas. The team created a bank-guild of their own, in order to be self-sufficient with consumables and gold.

The idea behind Green Team was to raid two nights only - instead of the four to five nights which raiding guilds usually schedule - but on an equal standard, including completing the hard modes of raid instances. Green Team organized themselves as socials while the main raiders of Adept focused on their daily raiding business.

Since then, the team has gone through challenging times. With structure, leadership, members changing - all while beating the challenges that Blizzard released through the years – the team has maintained a stable and positive spirit.

We are convinced that living a real life and playing WoW on a high standard by having successful raids is not only doable, but also attracting to players. Many former hardcore raiders had to leave their hobby behind simply because they had real life duties and couldn’t find a team that raids limited times.

Adept Raiding: Same, Same, but Different

After being confronted with the breakup of the 25 player raid team in June 2011 and a decreasing number of guild members, Green Team has considered its options. That all wanted to stay together was a given, no matter what happened next. Moving on looked like one at first, but everyone felt attached to Adept, since it has been home for such a long time.

With inheriting the guild from our former, long standing guild leader, who stepped down, we are now in the position to continue in our manner and keep our and our members home. There is not going to be another commitment to 25 player fulltime raiding – we are not going to rebuild Adept that way.

We have proven it’s possible with the right team spirit and would like to see Adept being the home of more people sharing the same passion for raiding in a similar configuration. We’ll see how the future turns out – having a vision is surely a start.
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